Working in the BC Public Service

The BC Public Service Agency, formed in 2003, provides leadership and services in people management. Established by the Public Service Act, the Agency supports its clients in achieving their human resource goals. It also improves the overall effectiveness of the public service by providing human resource management policies and frameworks, as well as a variety of human resource services, products and programs. Please visit MyHR to access current job postings and information about working for the BC Public Service.

There are approximately 30,000 public service employees in ministries and agencies that provide an amazing volume and variety of services to the people of British Columbia. The government of British Columbia appreciates the role and responsibility of the public service and believes in the energy and ability of its staff to create positive change in the province.

In the Corporate Human Resources plan, Being the Best, the BC Public Service has embraced diversity in its pursuit to transform the organizational culture to be more open, flexible and better at communicating. The vision is to create an employment experience that is not only engaging but enables us to offer the people in this province our very best.