HR Policies, Employment Conditions and Agreements

The BC Public Service is fundamentally changing how it is seen and how it sees itself as an employer. Our Corporate Human Resource Plan is a statement of the employer we are and the employer we continue striving to be. The purpose of our human resource policies is to enable supervisors, individuals, and human resource professionals to align the recruitment, retention, and development of our organization’s people resources with the current and future business goals of the administration. The BC Public Service Agency actively reviews and updates all human resource policies to ensure they are clear, modern, and relevant.

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Accountability Framework for Human Resource Management

Accountability for human resource management in the BC Public Service is shared among various individuals, including Deputy Ministers, Senior Officials and other staff.

The accountability framework establishes the context for delegation of human resource management under the Public Service Act from the Agency Head to Deputy Ministers, or other Senior Officials. It also establishes the context for further delegation of accountability to other staff. By clarifying their roles and responsibilities, the accountability framework establishes clear accountability for human resource management functions within the BC Public Service.

Core Policy Objectives

The five core policy objectives identify the broad direction for human resource management within the BC Public Service. These policy objectives support the Corporate Human Resource Plan that sets the strategic context and priorities for human resource management.

Human Resource Policies

Human resource policies flow from the core policy objectives and have been developed with the context of the accountability framework. Policy statements outline the mandatory requirements for human resources management in the BC Public Service.

While the Public Service Act is the primary legislative authority in respect of human resource management in the BC Public Service, there are other legislative authorities, collective agreements, and employment contracts that also play a role. In those instances where a policy statement addresses a topic also covered in collective agreements or employment contracts, the policy statements are meant to enhance or provide additional information, but they do not supersede them.

Terms and Conditions for Excluded Employees/Appointees

The Terms and Conditions of Employment for Excluded Employees/Appointees applies to all employees excluded from a bargaining agreement, and to all appointments made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council that are designated for coverage under this policy.

Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements includes the current agreements with the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU), BC Nurses Union (BCNU) and Union of Psychiatric Nurses of B.C. (UPN), and the Professional Employees Association (PEA).